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Sue & John P

We are a military family.  We saw Kristy at a very large military event and sat in all of her workshops.  Kristy noticed how cold we were being to each other and made the time after the evetn to meet with us.  Her compassion for our marriage and for our peace helped us to be honest that our marriage was on the brink of divorce and our financial life was a complete mess!   Kristy sat with us through the whole afternoon and late into the evening.  Her confidentiality made us feel safe, but her perseverance for our marriage when we had none was what made us want to change.   We are happy to say that Kristy was at our side as I carried my Love Purse as we renewed our marriage vows before our family and friends.  Kristy makes the impossible seem possible and gives you the tools to make dreams come true! 

Jackie R

My small business was struggling.  My staff and employees were at odds and it was not only no fun to be at work, but work began to drain my health.  I began considering closing my business.  We invited Kristy into our business for team training events and 5 years later, our budget has a line item of KRISTY TUBBS because the excellence, excitement and energy that she pours into our teams has returned our company to a place of family, fun and productive living and work!  Best business decision I ever made was hiring Kristy and her team to provide team building excellence!

Liz & Tammy M

We attended a weekend conference with Kristy Tubbs.  We were concerned about attending a Christian woman's conference being a married couple.  Kristy was funny, poignant, truthful and thoughtful in her speaking.  When we approached her, she was just as she was on stage--very loving, very welcoming and very personable.  We even asked her assistant if she was really like this and her assitant just giggled and replied, "all day and all the time".  We came to the event feeling lost and alone.  We left the event knowing there were friends there at that church that would love us unconditionally.  Kristy helped us meet my mother and her friends together for the first time as a couple and she introduced us to the pastor of the church.  Kristy said a quote that we have written on our wall above our door..."You are Valued, You are Valuable, You are Miraculous!  Do not let someone else determine your worth!"  Those words have changed our lives--Best conference speaker we have ever heard. 

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