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Credit Counseling



Feeling like your debt is climbing out of control?  Are you constantly thinking about your financial life and wondering if this is the best it can be?  There is hope for your future and YOU have the ability to create the financial life you desire!  Schedule your appointment TODAY and begin sailing free to your path to financial fitness.  We work on a sliding pay scale, so let's talk today about how my team can help you to find peace.  

Marriage & Money   Counseling

Everyone gets to a place in their marriage where life seems just too much to handle.  Maybe you are still very much in love and just need communication tools or maybe you are looking for a miracle because you think you have tried everything.  Whether you are seeking hope or seeking a miracle, Kristy has a 20 year success record of helping couples restore their Love Purses and regain that passion they once had.  During your Personalized 3-day intensive coaching sessions, Kristy and our staff give you the tools to strengthen your marriage while working towards achieving the dream of happily ever after--TOGETHER!



Kristy's humor and truth-seeking honesty make her a favorite speaker at conventions and conferences for business groups, women's groups, church conferences and military personnel and their families.  Choose from one the highly acclaimed speeches or have Kristy create a personalized program for your event.  If you want your attendees to laugh, cry and leave knowing they are important in this world, then book Kristy to elevate the experience of your venue.

Financial Education Workshops

The key to financial success is to know YOUR strengths and cover for your weaknesses.  Kristy is an accomplished workshop provider and will bring a spirit of excellence to your conventions and conferences for business groups, woment's groups, church conferences and military personnnel and their families.  Leave your specially designed financial workshop feeling inspired and ready to achieve your best life beginning with your best finanical plan of action!


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